540 Shows
160 Venues
7 States
8 Years


7 days until our next show!

Gin Mill Hollow is actively touring, bringing their signature brand of Americana and acoustic folk rock to venues across the Midwest. For booking information, please contact betabooking@gmail.com or complete our booking form.

Announcement Soon for March 24!
Private Show on March 25
Announcement Soon for April 20!
Fri, Apr 21 7:30 PM
#545: Slowpoke Lounge & Cabaret
Sat, Apr 29 7:30 PM
#546: Ope Brewing Company
Announcement Soon for May 13!
Private Show on May 20
Announcement Soon for June 10!
Announcement Soon for June 11!
Announcement Soon for July 7!
Announcement Soon for July 9!
Announcement Soon for July 21!
Announcement Soon for July 25!
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Announcement Soon for July 28!
Announcement Soon for August 1!
Announcement Soon for August 10!
Announcement Soon for August 12!
Announcement Soon for August 13!
Sat, Sep 9 3:00 PM
#561: SoLu Estate Winery & Meadery
Busted Bullet by Gin Mill Hollow - Americana Music

Busted Bullet

The second album by Gin Mill Hollow maintains their Americana and acoustic folk-rock base and builds upon it, featuring guest musicians from the Madison music scene. The album is available for download and streaming through the following services.

Love is King by Gin Mill Hollow - Americana Music

Love is King

Debut album by Gin Mill Hollow incorporation elements of Americana, bluegrass, folk, and acoustic rock. The album is available for download and streaming through the following services.


About Gin Mill Hollow

For more than eight years and 500+ shows the ever-evolving Americana outfit Gin Mill Hollow has been showcasing their unique approach to string-band music throughout the mid-west and beyond. Born as an acoustic duo at the Up North Bar in Madison, Wisconsin, the group found traction in the area after adding mandolin and eventually percussion to the mix. As a four-piece band, Gin Mill Hollow's performances sound more like a rock show, often with electric guitar and effected mandolin solos soaring over driving rhythm and harmony. Blending genres like bluegrass and folk with jazz and blues, the live experience is enhanced by an engaging lighting display, syncing the aural and visual senses. With two studio albums to their credit, the band continues to write new material with plans to record and release these works in various media formats.

Dan Plourde

Dan "DPOTB" Plourde

Electric Guitar / Acoustic Guitar / Uke Bass / Vocals

Joshua Giudice

Joshua "Juice" Giudice

Mandolin / Trompone / Vocals

Mark Norman

Mark "The Storm" Norman

Double Bass / Hybrid Guitar / Acoustic Guitar / Vocals

Joe Murray

Joe "Murrdog" Murray

Drums / Percussion

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