Busted Bullet by Gin Mill Hollow - Americana Music

Busted Bullet

The second album by Gin Mill Hollow maintains their Americana and acoustic folk-rock base and builds upon it, featuring guest musicians from the Madison music scene. The album is available for download and streaming through the following services.

Love is King by Gin Mill Hollow - Americana Music

Love is King

Debut album by Gin Mill Hollow incorporation elements of Americana, bluegrass, folk, and acoustic rock. The album is available for download and streaming through the following services.



9 days until our next show!

Gin Mill Hollow is actively touring, bringing their signature brand of Americana and acoustic folk rock to venues across the Midwest. For booking information, please contact betabooking@gmail.com or complete our booking form.

Saturday Jul 3 / 7:00PM Holla in the Vines, Vol. 2 The Vines - w13002 Schoepp Rd, Sauk City, WI With Miles Over Mountains and Sunshine Daydrink Thursday Jul 8 / 7:00PM Full Mile Beer Company 132 Market St #100, Sun Prairie, WI Wednesday Jul 28 / 7:00PM Balanced Rock Winery 1065 Walnut St, Baraboo, WI
Saturday Aug 7 / 7:00PM Holla in the Vines, Vol. 3 The Vines - w13002 Schoepp Rd, Sauk City, WI With Austin Stirling Saturday Aug 14 / 3:00PM Booking Pending
Saturday Sep 4 / 7:00PM Holla in the Vines, Vol. 4 The Vines - w13002 Schoepp Rd, Sauk City, WI 2 DAY EVENT! With Lower 5th, Craig Baumann Trio, High and Rising, and Chicken Bacon
Saturday Oct 2 / 7:00PM Holla in the Vines, Vol. 5 The Vines - w13002 Schoepp Rd, Sauk City, WI With Wrenclaw


For booking, please contact info@ginmillhollow.com, call 608/213-3973 or complete the form below. Also see our press kit / tech rider for more information.


About Gin Mill Hollow

Gin Mill Hollow is a 3-piece Madison, Wisconsin-based semi-acoustic rock group. The band consists of Dan Plourde on electric guitar and uke-bass, Joshua "Juice" Giudice on the mandolin and Mark Norman playing acoustic guitar and upright bass. Vocal duties are shared by all three musicians, and their string-band approach is augmented by the use of Porchboard kick-drum emulators in lieu of a drummer for a little extra foot-stomping rhythm. Their sound incorporates elements of bluegrass, folk and Americana, and they draw from influences that include The Wood Brothers, Tom Petty, The Band, Neil Young, and Bob Dylan.

Beginning in the Fall of 2014, longtime friends Mark and Dan began playing together regularly at Madison's Up North Bar, taking on the name Gin Mill Hollow. It wasn't long before Joshua, aka "Juice" joined them on stage, singing and playing mandolin. Once the three musicians realized the musical chemistry they possessed as a group, the duo that was Gin Mill Hollow became a trio. The group took up residency at the Up North Bar in Madison, playing the first and third Monday of each month. It was during this time that they began to develop original songs as well as continuing to play songs by the groups that had influenced them as musicians.

Gin Mill Hollow has played several notable venues, including High Noon Saloon in their hometown of Madison and The Stoughton Operahouse, opening for local favorites The People Brothers Band and Wheelhouse. Gin Mill Hollow also had the opportunity to open for the indie bluegrass/jam band Fruition and has played bars and venues across the Midwest since their formation.

To date, Gin Mill Hollow has completed one project. Their debut album, "Love Is King" was released in 2017. They are scheduled to go back into the studio during the Winter of 2018, and plan to have their second album ready for release in the Summer of 2018.

Dan Plourde

Dan "DPOTB" Plourde

Guitar / Uke Bass / Vocals / Songwriter

Joshua Giudice

Joshua "Juice" Giudice

Mandolin / Trompone / Vocals / Songwriter

Mark Norman

Mark "The Storm" Norman

Double Bass / Guitar / Vocals / Songwriter

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